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Dr. Juan Ramón Muñoz Rico (In memoriam)

University Titular Professor
University of Salamanca

Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica Escuela Politécnica Superior de Zamora


All my teaching and research activity has been developed in the area of Thermal Machines and Motors, which in Spain is mainly dedicated to the study of all processes involving energy exchanges. I have participated in three recognized research projects and I am currently in the process of forming a Recognized Research Group (GIR). I have published three books and have collaborated in the publication of diverse multimedia material. I have achieved several projects of Teaching Innovation. I have organized, taught and received numerous courses, mostly related to the contents of the area of Thermal Engines and Machines and, on other occasions, related to the improvement of teaching activity. Together with the General Director (and creator) of Adventia, European College of Aeronautics, and the Dean of the College of Commercial Aviation Pilots (COPAC), I created the Own Title “Senior Graduate in Commercial Aviation, Airline Transport Pilot”, at the University of Salamanca in the Matacán Aeronautical Campus, of which I was Director, and which has ended up becoming the Official Degree “Piloto de Aviación Comercial y Operaciones Aéreas”. Surprisingly, until then access to Pilot studies did not even require having passed the PAEU. I have been Local Responsible of the Subject (RLM) Industrial Technology II, in the Tests of Access to University Studies (PAEU), in which, in addition, I have participated as corrector, vocal, secretary and president of Headquarters. I have participated in the elaboration of Study Plans, in the bodies and commissions of the usual university management, and also in the representative bodies of the University. I have been a Claustral member of the University of Salamanca and Member (and President) of the Board of Teaching and Research Staff of the University of Salamanca. I have carried out numerous Field Practices (in the University of Salamanca we call the typical visits to companies, factories…) with my students and, since 1998, I maintain the website with the sole purpose of teaching, for which I do not receive more compensation than the satisfaction of doing it.