"If you investigate alone, you'll go faster. If you investigate accompanied, you will go further."

"Research is what I do when I don't know what I'm doing."

"He who has come so distant that he is no longer confused has also stopped working."

Expert Systems and Applications Lab, is a Recognized Research Group (GIR) of the University of Salamanca founded in September 2018. The ESALab group belonging to the University of Salamanca (USAL) is formed by a group of researchers corresponding to different branches of scientific knowledge, forming a multidisciplinary group that mainly focuses on the development and application of intelligent systems to solve different problems present in society. Currently the research group and its recent creation, and has more than 25 researchers from different areas of technology and engineering. Specifically, it has computer engineers, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, textile engineers, electrical engineers, statisticians and electronics technicians. The research carried out by the members tries to have a practical component, but without forgetting the theoretical aspects present in each of the researches. 

The members of the research group have extensive knowledge in aspects associated with computer science, artificial intelligence, ambient intelligence, electronics and mechanics. The team has several doctoral members and several researchers and doctoral students. 

The research interests of the group focus on different areas of applicability such as education, agriculture, livestock, robotics, artificial intelligence, intelligent environments such as cities or homes, Internet of Things (IoT) environments, development of mobile or desktop applications, cloud and edge computing, musicology, textiles, energy efficiency and mechanics among others. 

ESALab has intense collaborations with companies through the development of research projects both with and without public entities, which implies an active knowledge transfer with the business fabric at a national level. Likewise, the members of the research group have participated in/directed more than 70 projects in collaboration with companies in which different marketable products or products for internal use of the companies have been developed.

The lines of the research group are diverse and are associated with the profiles of the different members. Among the main lines of research and are:

Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning
Multi-agent systems
Computational Creativity
Wireless sensor networks
Livestock and agriculture solutions
Location systems
 Virtual Reality
Smart Textiles
Mobile Development
Efficient mobility
Energy Efficiency

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