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Experienced Team

Young team with experience in the development of projects at European, national and regional level.

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Virtual Reality

The ESALab team develops solutions that allow simulations of real environments in 3d to achieve an immersive experience.

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Development Of Solutions For The Realization Of Predictive Simulations And Analysis

We focus on analyzing large amounts of data to turn it into valuable information that helps experts make decisions.

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Internet of things

Broad experience in development and integration of technological solutions in everyday use objects in order to improve user experience and increase functionality.


In ESALAb we work with these unmanned aerial vehicles to perform tareas in a fastest and more efficient way at a great variety of fields and work sectors.

Location systems

Experts in the design and implementation of location systems in indoor and outdoor locations with different technologies to adapt to each case.

About the research group

Expert Systems and Applications Lab is a recognized research group of the University of Salamanca since September 2018. Although the group and its members are young, they have extense experience in the development of projects at European, national and regional level. Specifically, they have participated in 6 European, 7 national and 10 regional projects, all of them belonging to competitive calls …

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Active projects

Group's publications

The ESALab Group consists of researchers from various lines of study. Over the past few years these researchers have presented the results obtained in different congresses, indexed journals and book chapters

Smart Waste Collection System with Low Consumption LoRaWAN Nodes and Route Optimization.

Álvaro Lozano Murciego, Javier Caridad, Juan Francisco de Paz, Gabriel Villarrubia-González, Javier Bajo

Multi-agent distributed model predictive control with fuzzy negotiation.

Mario Francisco, Yeray Mezquita Martín, Silvana Revollar, Pastora Vega, Juan F. De Paz

Automatic wireless mapping and tracking system for indoor location.

André Sales Mendes, Gabriel Villarrubia, Javier Caridad, Daniel Hernández de La Iglesia, Juan F. De Paz

Prediction and Decision-Making in Intelligent Environments Supported by Knowledge Graphs, A Systematic Review.

Elvira Amador-Domínguez, Emilio Serrano, Daniel Manrique, Juan F. De Paz

Mr. José Torreblanca González

Profesor Titular de Escuela Universitaria.
Universidad de Salamanca.

D. Javier Pérez Marcos

Data Scientist and PhD Student
University of Salamanca

Dr. Daniel Hernández de la Iglesia

Assistant Professor
University of Salamanca