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PriADA: Management and Adaptation of Information Based on Data Privacy in Public Environments PriADA: Management and Adaptation of Information Based on Data Privacy in Public Environments

An Efficient Interface for the Integration of IoT Devices with Smart Grids An Efficient Interface for the Integration of IoT Devices with Smart Grids

A Case Study on the Development of a Data Privacy Management Solution Based on Patient Information A Case Study on the Development of a Data Privacy Management Solution Based on Patient Information

PRIPRO—Privacy Profiles: User Profiling Management for Smart Environments PRIPRO—Privacy Profiles: User Profiling Management for Smart Environments

PRIPRO: A Comparison of Classification Algorithms for Managing Receiving Notifications in Smart Environments PRIPRO: A Comparison of Classification Algorithms for Managing Receiving Notifications in Smart Environments

Connected Elbow Exoskeleton System for Rehabilitation Training Based on Virtual Reality and Context-Aware

Multi-agent approach using LoRaWAN devices: An airport case study Multi-agent approach using LoRaWAN devices: An airport case study

An Architectural Multi-Agent System for a Pavement Monitoring System with Pothole Recognition in UAV Images An Architectural Multi-Agent System for a Pavement Monitoring System with Pothole Recognition in UAV Images

PRISER: Managing Notification in Multiples Devices with Data Privacy Support PRISER: Managing Notification in Multiples Devices with Data Privacy Support

Prisec: Comparison of symmetric key algorithms for iot devices Prisec: Comparison of symmetric key algorithms for iot devices

Multi-agent distributed model predictive control with fuzzy negotiation. Expert Syst. Appl. 129: 68-83 (2019)

Automatic wireless mapping and tracking system for indoor location. Neurocomputing 338: 372-380 (2019)

Prediction and Decision-Making in Intelligent Environments Supported by Knowledge Graphs, A Systematic Review. Sensors 19(8): 1774 (2019)

Practical Applications of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 12th International Conference, PACBB 2018, Toledo, Spain, 20-22 May, 2018 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 803, Springer 2019, ISBN 978-3-319-98701-9

Twitter’s Experts Recommendation System Based on User Content. DCAI (Special Sessions) 2018: 251-258

Platform for Indexing Music Albums Based on Augmented Reality Techniques and Multi-agent Systems. ISAmI 2018: 397-404

Prediction System for the Management of Bicycle Sharing Systems ISAmI 2018: 405-410

Multi-agent System for the Recommendation of Electric Bicycle Routes. PAAMS (Workshops) 2018: 36-43

Household Occupancy Detection Based on Electric Energy Consumption. PAAMS (Workshops) 2018: 223-231

A Genetic Programming Approach Applied to Feature Selection from Medical Data. PACBB 2018: 200-207

Dealing with Demand in Electric Grids with an Adaptive Consumption Management Platform. Complexity 2018: 4012740:1-4012740:14 (2018)

A multi-agent system for the classification of gender and age from images. Computer Vision and Image Understanding 172: 98-106 (2018)

A data mining framework based on boundary-points for gene selection from DNA-microarrays: Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma as a case study. Eng. Appl. of AI 70: 92-108 (2018)

Artificial neural networks used in optimization problems. Neurocomputing 272: 10-16 (2018)

Agent-based tool to reduce the maintenance cost of energy distribution networks. Knowl. Inf. Syst. 54(3): 659-675 (2018)

Combination of Multi-Agent Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks for the Monitoring of Cattle. Sensors 18(1): 108 (2018)

Increasing the Intensity over Time of an Electric-Assist Bike Based on the User and Route: The Bike Becomes the Gym. Sensors 18(1): 220 (2018)

A Context-Aware Indoor Air Quality System for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Prevention. Sensors 18(3): 757 (2018)

Smart Waste Collection System with Low Consumption LoRaWAN Nodes and Route Optimization. Sensors 18(5): 1465 (2018)

Agent-Based Intelligent Interface for Wheelchair Movement Control. Sensors 18(5): 1511 (2018)

Coordinating open fleets. A taxi assignment example. AI Commun. 30(1): 37-52 (2017)

Agreement technologies applied to transmission towers maintenance. AI Commun. 30(1): 83-98 (2017)

A CBR framework with gradient boosting based feature selection for lung cancer subtype classification. Comp. in Bio. and Med. 86: 98-106 (2017)

Combination of multi-agent systems and embedded hardware for the monitoring and analysis of diuresis. IJDSN 13(7) (2017)

Virtual organization with fusion knowledge in odor classification. Neurocomputing 231: 3-10 (2017)

Combining Multi-Agent Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring Crop Irrigation. Sensors 17(8): 1775 (2017)

Multi-Sensor Information Fusion for Optimizing Electric Bicycle Routes Using a Swarm Intelligence Algorithm. Sensors 17(11): 2501

Collision Detection System Using Mobile Devices and PANGEA. ISAmI 2017: 63-69

Non-intrusive System for Monitoring the Risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndorme. ISAmI 2017: 70-78

Smart Management System for Electric Bicycles Loan. ISAmI 2017: 176-186

Multi-agent System for the Control and Monitoring of Shared Bicycle Fleets. ISAmI 2017: 187-194

A Review of Multi-agent Based Energy Management Systems. ISAmI 2017: 203-209

Single Appliance Automatic Recognition: Comparison of Classifiers. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2017: 115-124

Indoor Children Location System Using BLE Technology. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2017: 148-154

Intelligent Transport System Through the Recognition of Elements in the Environment. PAAMS (Workshops) 2017: 470-480

An Ensemble Approach for Gene Selection in Gene Expression Data. PACBB 2017: 237-247

EKRUCAmI Architecture – Applications in Healthcare Domain. State of the Art in AI Applied to Ambient Intelligence 2017: 140-152

Ambient Intelligence – Software and Applications – 8th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence, ISAmI 2017, Porto, Portugal, June 21-23, 2017. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 615, Springer 2017, ISBN 978-3-319-61117-4

Retreatment Predictions in Odontology by means of CBR Systems. Comp. Int. and Neurosc. 2016: 7485250:1-7485250:11 (2016)

Effectiveness of Bayesian filters: An information fusion perspective. Inf. Sci. 329: 670-689 (2016)

Intelligent system for lighting control in smart cities. Inf. Sci. 372: 241-255 (2016)

Performance analysis of visualmarkers for indoor navigation systems. Frontiers of IT & EE 17(8): 730-740 (2016)

Predictive Analysis Tool for Energy Distribution Networks. CAEPIA 2016: 271-279

Software Agents in Retinal Vessels Classification. EUMAS/AT 2016: 509-523

MoM – a real time monitoring and management tool to improve the performance of Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks ICUFN 2016: 1071-1076

Preliminary Study of Classifier Fusion Based Indoor Positioning Method. ISAmI 2016: 161-166

Smart Cities Simulation Environment for Intelligent Algorithms Evaluation. ISAmI 2016: 177-187

A composite routing metric for wireless sensor networks in AAL-IoT. WMNC 2016: 168-173

Multi Agent Application for Chronic Patients: Monitoring and Detection of Remote Anomalous Situations. PAAMS (Workshops) 2016: 27-36

Smart Waste Collection Platform Based on WSN and Route Optimization. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2016: 135-145

A Clustering-Based Method for Gene Selection to Classify Tissue Samples in Lung Cancer. PACBB 2016: 99-107

Large-Scale Transcriptomic Approaches for Characterization of Post-Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression. PACBB 2016: 109-119

Use of context-aware Social Computing to improve energy efficiency in public buildings SSCI 2016: 1-8

Hybrid system to analyze user’s behaviour. SSCI 2016: 1-5

Intelligent energy forecasting based on the correlation between solar radiation and consumption patterns. SSCI 2016: 1-7

Ambient Intelligence – Software and Applications – 7th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence, ISAmI 2016, Seville, Spain, June 1-3, 2016. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 476, Springer 2016, ISBN 978-3-319-40113-3

Self-Organizing Architecture for Information Fusion in Distributed Sensor Networks. IJDSN 11: 231073:1-231073:13 (2015)

Unified Fingerprinting/Ranging Localization in Harsh Environments. IJDSN 11: 479765:1-479765:11 (2015)

Multi-Agent Information Fusion System to manage data from a WSN in a residential home. Information Fusion 23: 43-57 (2015)

Multi-agent System for Obtaining Relevant Genes in Expression Analysis between Young and Older Women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. J. Integrative Bioinformatics 12(4) (2015)

Swarm Agent-Based Architecture Suitable for Internet of Things and Smartcities. DCAI 2015: 21-29

Multi-agent System for Tracking and Classification of Moving Objects. DCAI 2015: 63-74

Agreement Technologies Applied to Transmission Towers Maintenance. EUMAS/AT 2015: 172-187

Towards Smart Open Dynamic Fleets EUMAS/AT 2015: 410-424

Computer Vision Based Indoor Navigation: A Visual Markers Evaluation. ISAmI 2015: 165-173

Unified Fingerprinting/Ranging Localization for e-Healthcare Systems. ISAmI 2015: 223-231

Obtaining Relevant Genes by Analysis of Expression Arrays with a Multi-agent System. PACBB 2015: 137-146

Context-aware multiagent system: Planning home care tasks. Knowl. Inf. Syst. 40(1): 171-203 (2014)

Monitoring and Detection Platform to Prevent Anomalous Situations in Home Care. Sensors 14(6): 9900-9921 (2014)

Ambient Agents: Embedded Agents for Remote Control and Monitoring Using the PANGEA Platform. Sensors 14(8): 13955-13979 (2014)

Intelligent Lighting Control System. DCAI 2014: 195-207

Open multi-agent architecture for information fusion. FUSION 2014: 1-8

Hybrid indoor location system for museum tourist routes in augmented reality. FUSION 2014: 1-8

EKG Intelligent Mobile System for Home Users. IBERAMIA 2014: 767-778

Wireless Sensor Networks to Monitoring Elderly People in Rural Areas. ISAmI 2014: 171-181

Context-Aware Module for Social Computing Environments. ISAmI 2014: 183-191

Indoor Location System for Security Guards in Subway Stations. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2014: 111-119

Implementing a hardware-embedded reactive agents platform based on a service-oriented architecture over heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Ad Hoc Networks 11(1): 151-166 (2013)

Biomedic Organizations: An intelligent dynamic architecture for KDD. Inf. Sci. 224: 49-61 (2013)

idMAS-SQL: Intrusion Detection Based on MAS to Detect and Block SQL injection through data mining. Inf. Sci. 231: 15-31 (2013)

Mitigation of the ground reflection effect in real-time locating systems based on wireless sensor networks by using artificial neural networks. Knowl. Inf. Syst. 34(1): 193-217 (2013)

Altair: Automatic Image Analyzer to Assess Retinal Vessel Caliber. CORES 2013: 429-438

A MAS for Teaching Computational Logic. DCAI 2013: 209-217

An Integral System Based on Open Organization of Agents for Improving the Labour Inclusion of Disabled People. DCAI 2013: 369-376

Cloud-Based Platform to Labor Integration of Deaf People. DCAI 2013: 633-640

Real time positioning system using different sensors. FUSION 2013: 604-609

Distribution of Roles in Virtual Organization of Agents. KMO 2013: 485-497

Practical Applications of Virtual Organizations and Agent Technology. PAAMS (Workshops) 2013: 17-23

Applying Classifiers in Indoor Location System. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2013: 53-58

Agent Technology and Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring Patients in Residences and Their Homes. PAAMS (Workshops) 2013: 417-428

Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence – 10th International Conference, DCAI 2013, Salamanca, Spain, May 22-24, 2013. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 217, Springer 2013, ISBN 978-3-319-00550-8

Self-Organizing Multi-Agent System for Management and Planning Surveillance Routes. Computing and Informatics 31(5): 1081-1100 (2012)

A multi-agent system for web-based risk management in small and medium business. Expert Syst. Appl. 39(8): 6921-6931 (2012)

Improving the security level of the FUSION@ multi-agent architecture. Expert Syst. Appl. 39(8): 7536-7545 (2012)

Temporal bounded reasoning in a dynamic case based planning agent for industrial environments. Expert Syst. Appl. 39(9): 7887-7894 (2012)

Taranis: Neural networks and intelligent agents in the early warning against floods. Expert Syst. Appl. 39(11): 10031-10037 (2012)

Model for assigning roles automatically in egovernment virtual organizations. Expert Syst. Appl. 39(12): 10389-10401 (2012)

Dynamic model of distribution and organization of activities in multi-agent systems. Logic Journal of the IGPL 20(3): 570-578 (2012)

Mathematical model for a temporal-bounded classifier in security environments. Logic Journal of the IGPL 20(4): 712-721 (2012)

Automatic knowledge extraction in sequencing analysis with multiagent system and grid computing. J. Integrative Bioinformatics 9(3) (2012)

Combining case-based reasoning systems and support vector regression to evaluate the atmosphere-ocean interaction. Knowl. Inf. Syst. 30(1): 155-177 (2012)

M-Learning for Elderlies: A Case Study. DCAI 2012: 637-645

A multiagent system for the analysis of sequence data. FUSION 2012: 2510-2515

Comparative Genomics with Multi-agent Systems. ISI 2012: 175-181

A Case-Based Planning Mechanism for a Hardware-Embedded Reactive Agents Platform. IS-MiS 2012: 121-130

Personalization of the Workplace through a Proximity Detection System Using User’s Profiles. KMO 2012: 505-513

CBR Proposal for Personalizing Educational Content. ebTEL 2012: 115-123

Improving Production in Small and Medium Enterprises. PAAMS (Workshops) 2012: 49-56

Simulation and Analysis of Virtual Organizations of Agents. PAAMS (Workshops) 2012: 65-74

Evaluation of Labor Units of Competency: Facilitating Integration of Disabled People. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2012: 281-288

Case-Based Reasoning to Classify Endodontic Retreatments. PACBB 2012: 79-86

Visual Analysis Tool in Comparative Genomics. PACBB 2012: 121-127

SAMasGC: Sequencing Analysis with a Multiagent System and Grid Computing. PACBB 2012: 209-216

Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence – 9th International Conference, DCAI 2012, Salamanca, Spain, 28-30th March, 2012. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing 151, Springer 2012, ISBN 978-3-642-28764-0

A SomAgent statistical machine translation. Appl. Soft Comput. 11(2): 2925-2933 (2011)

Real-time CBR-agent with a mixture of experts in the reuse stage to classify and detect DoS attacks. Appl. Soft Comput. 11(7): 4384-4398 (2011)

MicroCBR: A case-based reasoning architecture for the classification of microarray data. Appl. Soft Comput. 11(8): 4496-4507 (2011)

S-MAS: An adaptive hierarchical distributed multi-agent architecture for blocking malicious SOAP messages within Web Services environments. Expert Syst. Appl. 38(5): 5486-5499 (2011)

A new clustering algorithm applying a hierarchical method neural network. Logic Journal of the IGPL 19(2): 304-314 (2011)

An adaptive algorithm for feature selection in pattern recognition. Int. J. Comput. Math. 88(9): 1932-1940 (2011)

Dynamic Assignation of Roles and Tasks in Virtual Organizations of Agents. DCAI 2011: 59-68

Mitigation of the Ground Reflection Effect in Real-Time Locating Systems. DCAI 2011: 311-318

Applying HoCCAC to Plan Task the COPD Patient: A Case Study. ISAmI 2011: 77-84

Multiagent-Based Middleware for the Agents’ Behavior Simulation. IWANN (2) 2011: 629-636

Supporting System for Detecting Pathologies. IWANN (2) 2011: 669-676

A Multiagent System For Web-Based Risk Management in Small and Medium Business. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2011: 9-17

Dynamic Distribution of Tasks in Health-Care Scenarios. PAAMS (Workshops) 2011: 51-58

Virtual Organizations in InformationFusion. PAAMS (Special Sessions) 2011: 195-202

Image Processing to Detect and Classify Situations and States of Elderly People. SOCO 2011: 163-172

International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, DCAI 2011, Salamanca, Spain, 6-8 April 2011. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing 91, Springer 2011, ISBN 978-3-642-19933-2

Multi-agent system to monitor oceanic environments. Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering 17(2): 131-144 (2010)

Applying a service-oriented approach for developing a distributed multi-agent system for healthcare. IJCAT 39(4): 234-244 (2010)

Providing home care using context-aware agents. IJRIS 2(2): 125-132 (2010)

A Distributed Hierarchical Multi-agent Architecture for Detecting Injections in SQL Queries. CISIS 2010: 51-59

Statistical Machine Translation Using the Self-Organizing Map. DCAI 2010: 131-138

A Support Vector Regression Approach to Predict Carbon Dioxide Exchange. DCAI 2010: 157-164

Temporal bounded reasoning for context-based information fusion in DoS attack detection. FUSION 2010: 1-8

Embedding reactive hardware agents into heterogeneous sensor networks. FUSION 2010: 1-8

Intelligent context-based information fusion system in health care: Helping people live healthier. FUSION 2010: 1-7

Enhanced Self Organized Dynamic Tree Neural Network. HAIS (2) 2010: 85-92

HERA: A New Platform for Embedding Agents in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. HAIS (2) 2010: 111-118

Protecting Web Services against DoS Attacks: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach. HAIS (1) 2010: 229-236

CBRid4SQL: A CBR Intrusion Detector for SQL Injection Attacks. HAIS (2) 2010: 510-519

AIIDA-SQL: An Adaptive Intelligent Intrusion Detector Agent for detecting SQL Injection attacks. HIS 2010: 73-78

Temporal Bounded Planner Agent for Dynamic Industrial Environments. IEA/AIE (3) 2010: 556-565

Automatic Workflow during the Reuse Phase of a CBP System Applied to Microarray Analysis. IWPACBB 2010: 17-24

OVACARE: A Multi-Agent System for Assistance and Health Care. KES (4) 2010: 318-327

Dynamic Planning with Bayesian Network Applied in MAS. PAAMS (Special Sessions and Workshops) 2010: 113-121

Context-Aware Agents for People Detection and Stereoscopic Analysis. PAAMS (Special Sessions and Workshops) 2010: 173-181

Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence – 7th International Symposium, DCAI 2010, 7-10 September 2010, Valencia, Spain. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing 79, Springer 2010, ISBN 978-3-642-14882-8

Model of experts for decision support in the diagnosis of leukemia patients. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 46(3): 179-200 (2009)

SHOMAS: Intelligent guidance and suggestions in shopping centres. Appl. Soft Comput. 9(2): 851-862 (2009)

Integrating case-based planning and RPTW neural networks to construct an intelligent environment for health care. Expert Syst. Appl. 36(3): 5844-5858 (2009)

Mathematical model for dynamic case-based planning. Int. J. Comput. Math. 86(10&11): 1719-1730 (2009)

Case-based reasoning as a decision support system for cancer diagnosis: A case study. Int. J. Hybrid Intell. Syst. 6(2): 97-110 (2009)

An execution time neural-CBR guidance assistant. Neurocomputing 72(13-15): 2743-2753 (2009)

Self-Adaptive MAS for Biomedical Environments. WAT 2009: 45-56

A Multiagent Solution to Adaptively Classify SOAP Message and Protect against DoS Attack. CAEPIA 2009: 181-190

An Adaptive Multi-agent Solution to Detect DoS Attack in SOAP Messages. CISIS 2009: 77-84

Ovamah: Multiagent-based adaptive virtual organizations. FUSION 2009: 990-997

A Multi-agent System to Learn from Oceanic Satellite Image Data. IDEAL 2009: 727-734

Introducing a Distributed Architecture for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. IWANN (2) 2009: 116-123

Self Organized Dynamic Tree Neural Network. WANN (1) 2009: 220-227

Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks in a Tele-monitoring System for Homecare. IWANN (2) 2009: 663-670

CBR System with Reinforce in the Revision Phase for the Classification of CLL Leukemia. IWANN (2) 2009: 964-971

Wireless Sensor Networks in Home Care. IWANN (1) 2009: 1106-1112

Stereo-MAS: Multi-Agent System for Image Stereo Processing. IWANN (1) 2009: 1256-1263

An Adaptive Mechanism to Protect Databases against SQL Injection. JISBD 2009: 209-214

Multiagent Systems in Expression Analysis. PAAMS 2009: 217-226

Replanning Mechanism for Deliberative Agents in Dynamic Changing Environments. Computational Intelligence 24(2): 77-107 (2008)

An execution time planner for the ARTIS agent architecture. Eng. Appl. of AI 21(5): 769-784 (2008)

A new CBR approach to the oil spill problem. ECAI 2008: 643-647

Using a Distributed Multi-Agent Architecture for Optimizing the Performance of a Case-Based Planning Mechanism. ECCBR Workshops 2008: 43-52

CBR System for Leukemia Patients Diagnosis. ECCBR Workshops 2008: 69-78

Using CBR Systems for Leukemia Classification. HAIS 2008: 688-695

CBR System for Diagnosis of Patients. HIS 2008: 807-812

A Case-Based Reasoning System to Forecast the Presence Of Oil Slicks. IADIS European Conf. Data Mining 2008: 3-10

Applying CBR Systems to Micro Array Data Classification. IWPACBB 2008: 102-111

Context Aware Hybrid Agents on Automated Dynamic Environments. Innovations in Hybrid Intelligent Systems 2008: 25-32

Autonomous FYDPS Neural Network-Based Planner Agent for Health Care in Geriatric Residences. Innovations in Hybrid Intelligent Systems 2008: 377-384

Hybrid Architecture for a Reasoning Planner Agent. KES (2) 2007: 461-468

Visual Sensitivity Analysis for Artificial Neural Networks. IDEAL 2006: 191-198

SMas: A Shopping Mall Multiagent Systems. IDEAL 2006: 1166-1173

SMas: A Shopping Mall Multiagent Systems. IDEAL 2006: 1166-1173

Visual Sensitivity Analysis for Artificial Neural Networks. IDEAL 2006: 191-198