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Dra. María Navarro Cáceres

Assistant Professor Doctor
University of Salamanca

Departamento de Informática y Automática
Facultad de Ciencias


Doctor in Computer Science and Musicology from the University of Salamanca, she started working at the university in 2012 with a collaboration grant. Subsequently, she was able to work on her PhD through a predoctoral contract within the university staff training program (FPU) promoted by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MECD). She is currently linked to the University of Salamanca through a contract as an assistant doctoral professor. Many of the activities carried out in all areas during and after predoctoral training have led her to the establishment of a coherent and well-defined line of research, covering the fields of computer science and music generation and analysis. In the field of research, he is currently developing research focused on the creation of music through Genetic Programming and Immune Systems. In addition, these techniques are also applied to the optimization of mathematical functions for energy management and pattern recognition. She has participated in educational and energy projects, among others.


  1. August 2011

    Technical Engineering in Computer Systems

    University of Salamanca
  2. August 2012

    Degree in Informatics Engineering

    University of Salamanca
  3. September 2012

    Professional Degree in Music Education - Singing Specialty

    Professional Conservatory of Music of Salamanca
  4. August 2013

    Master in Intelligent Systems

    University of Salamanca
  5. October 2014

    Master in Digital Animation

    University of Salamanca
  6. August 2017

    Doctorate in Computer Engineering

    University of Salamanca
  7. August 2018

    Doctorate in Art History and Musicology

    University of Salamanca

Professional Experience

  1. October 2012 January 2014
    Beca de Colaboración con cargo a proyecto
    University of Salamanca
  2. January 2014 July 2017
    Contratado Predoctoral bajo el programa de Formación del Personal Universitario (FPU).
    Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes.
  3. September 2017 November 2018
    Associate Professor
    University of Salamanca
  4. November 2018 Currently
    Assistant Professor Doctor
    University of Salamanca

Awards Prizes

  • 2012
    Extraordinary Prize, best file of the Degree in Computer Engineering
  • 2018
    Extraordinary Doctorate Award