Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Industrial de Béjar, Av. Fernando Ballesteros, 37700 Béjar, Salamanca

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Dr. Raúl García Ovejero

Collaborator Professor
University of Salamanca

Departamento de Informática y Automática
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Industrial de Béjar


Raúl García Ovejero holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Salamanca since 2014. At the same University he obtained his Industrial Technical Engineering degree in the specialty of “Electricity / Industrial Electronics” (1997) and Industrial Engineering (2001), in addition to obtaining the degree diploma of the University of Salamanca in Industrial Engineering (2004), as well as Research Sufficiency (DEA, 2005). In Valladolid, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention in the three specialities, specialising in “Industrial Hygiene”, “Safety at Work” and “Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology” (2006). He has been Deputy Director of Economics and Infrastructures (2012-2014) and Secretary (2014-2016) of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering of Béjar, Campus of the University of Salamanca. He is currently a member of the ESALAB group and a collaborating professor at the University of Salamanca. His experience, both in the professional and research fields, is linked to the engineering field. Within this field, the main areas of research are those linked to the field of the energy system, especially those related to renewable electricity generation, and to the field of textiles, transmission of electrical signals in intelligent textiles or Smart textiles. In the research field, he has published in journals, has given lectures at conferences, has directed Final Degree Projects, End of Degree Works, End of Master Works (being a tutor of numerous students in internships in companies), has worked in research projects and has directed and participated in research contracts.